Accessibility statement

Training, Career Development & Employability

As well as obtaining a qualification in your chosen subject, it is vital for you to have other transferable skills to prepare you for a successful career. You will have numerous opportunities to enhance such skills through a variety of training sessions and activities both inside and outside of the Department.

Chemistry Core Training

Chemistry Training

Core Transferable Skills Training 

Our comprehensive iDTC training programme includes these core sessions:

  • Health and Safety: Responsible Research and Chemical Ethics, including Research Integrity
  • Employability and Professionalism including Public Engagement and Outreach
  • Resilience, Time Management and Motivation 
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Sessions on preparing Scientific Posters, Oral Presentations, Scientific Papers, written reports and your final thesis
  • Research Data Management
  • Developing Networking Techniques and Skills
  • How to Prepare a Grant Proposal
  • Introductory sessions on Searching Scientific Literature and use of IT facilities
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) training - after completing the required training, you have the opportunity to demonstrate in labs to undergraduate students enabling you to earn extra money as well as improve your own teaching and communication skills
  • Career planning plus CV and Interview Skills guidance and advice

Chemistry Training and Development Opportunities

  • Techniques training on a variety of state of the art equipment - you will receive expert training to enable you to carry out your research safely and effectively
  • Research specific course - a variety of optional Chemistry courses are available to enhance your knowledge in your particular chosen areas relevant to your research
  • Outreach and Public Engagement - the department has strong links with schools and runs a full Outreach programme. You will have the opportunity to assist with Open Days, Chemistry Camp and a variety of outreach activities
  • Departmental Seminars and Visiting Speakers - the Department runs a full seminar programme giving you the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures from a variety of inspiring researchers
  • Conference and Training Allowance - all research students have access to a funding to enable attendance at national and international conferences. This can also be used for external training
  • Departmental competitions - the department holds competitions for research students providing the opportunity to present your work with the chance of winning prizes
  • Committee membership - there are opportunities for you to get involved in a range of groups and committees at University and Departmental level, such as the Chemistry Graduate School Board, Board of Studies, Graduate Students Association to name a few. This gives you the opportunity to highlight issues on behalf of fellow students and have a say on how these can be addressed

University Training

 University Training Opportunities

  • Building Research Innovation Capacity Team- a dedicated team who provide support and guidance for researchers. BRIC is also part of a national organisation called Vitae who pioneer training and support for researchers, including UK GRAD schools  and the Researcher Development Framework
  • Becoming an Effective Research (BERT) - an online tutorial encouraging you to reflect on your personal development as a researcher
  • Languages for All (LFA) - students who wish to learn a new language can take advantage of the Languages For All programmes offered by the University. Successful completion can even mean a refund of your course fee!
  • Information Technology (IT) - a variety of IT courses are available to you to ensure your skills are kept up to date 
  • Writing Centre  - a team that can provide assistance with academic writing and language
  • York Learning and Teaching Award (YLTA) - an accredited programme for researchers wanting to develop their teaching skills ahead of an academic career in higher education.

Employability and Careers Support

Careers Support

It is never too early to start thinking about the next step in your career. Throughout your time at York, you will be encouraged to consider what skills you have as well as those you may need to develop to give you the best chance of a fulfilling future. A variety of sources of support are available to you including:

  • A dedicated Employability and Diversity Officer in Chemistry - available to offer advice and guidance on a range of topics including careers and transferable skills for both graduate students and postdoctoral researchers
  • Access to the  University Careers Service throughout your studies and after graduation
  • Industrial experience and placements - members of staff in the Department of Chemistry have a range of contacts in a variety of industries giving many students the opportunity to gain work experience
  • The York Award Gold for Postgraduate students - recognises and rewards your contributions and skills beyond your programme of study



Our postgraduate students go on to participate in a range of jobs and careers such as:

  • Academia - many graduates continue their research in post doctoral roles at institutions in the UK and around the world. Others remain in academia in a teaching role as lecturers, teaching fellows, school teachers or science education / outreach workers
  • Chemical industry - a variety of companies including pharmaceutical, global product, instrumentation and equipment
  • Health care, clinical research, drug development, medical training
  • Analysts
  • Environmental work
  • Policy advisors
  • Water treatment
  • Forensic science
  • Patent law
  • Publishing

Although a large proportion of our graduates do go on to work in a chemistry related field, there are also a number who take a different direction and choose to train in a new area. Postgraduate study at York does not just focus on your research, but gives you the opportunity to enhance your range of knowledge and skills to equip you for the future, and to give you the freedom of choice over your future.