SafeAI 2020 AAAI's Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety

This event has now finished.
  • Date and time: Friday 7 February 2020, 9am to 5pm
  • Location: Hilton New York Midtown, New York, New York, USA
  • Admission: Various, booking required

Event details

This workshop seeks to explore new ideas on AI safety with particular focus on addressing the following questions:

  • what is the status of existing approaches in ensuring AI and machine learning (ML) safety and what are the gaps?
  • how can we engineer trustable AI software architectures?
  • how can we make AI-based systems more ethically aligned?
  • what safety engineering considerations are required to develop safe human-machine interaction?
  • what AI safety considerations and experiences are relevant from industry?
  • how can we characterise or evaluate AI systems according to their potential risks and vulnerabilities?
  • how can we develop solid technical visions and new paradigms about AI safety?
  • how do metrics of capability and generality, and the trade-offs with performance affect safety?

Dr Colin Paterson will present Assurance Argument Patterns and Processes for Machine Learning in Safety-Related Systems.