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Receipt and Distribution of Student Mail

Receipt and Distribution of Student Mail


During the Academic Year, Royal Mail will deliver to the majority of the University Accomodation Block letter boxes.

If Royal Mail are unable to deliver to Accomodation Blocks, this mail will be taken to the relevant College Reception.


Royal Mail deliver Halifax College letters and parcels directly.

All other Packet and Parcel items are delivered to the central University Mailroom.  

Please Note: Other couriers will deliver to College Receptions at various times during the day. 

Distribution and Collection of Mail

Items delivered by Royal Mail to the central Mailroom is sorted into colleges and distributed around the University.

Parcels are then logged onto the KX Parcel system by each reception and a notification containing a unique Parcel Number is emailed to the addresse.  The student is then able to come to the reception , show I.D., sign and collect their mail.

Royal Mail deliver twice per day to the central Mailroom, at 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.

The University Mailroom collect outgoing post a.m. and p.m. Monday to Friday.

Posting Outgoing Mail

Students who wish to post personal items can take the mail to any one of three locations around campus:

  • The Central Mailroom (Heslington West)
  • The Piazza Mailroom (Heslington East)
  • The Print and Design Shop (Market Square)

Forwarding or Redirecting of Mail

The official way to redirect mail once a student has finished their tenancy is to contact Royal Mail and complete a redirection form: Royal Mail Redirection information

The University Mailroom will accept emails from students who have left but still have mail at the University which they would like redirecting back home.  As this service incurs costs, the student should provide their postal address, Parcel I.D. (if applicable), the College they attended and contact phone number.  Once the Mailroom has retrieved the item(s) they will contact the student to take payment over the phone before forwarding the mail and the payment receipt.