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Our Priorities


Fund scholarships, research and projects at York.

Give time

Volunteer to support students and alumni.

Share insights

Be part of York Asks, providing insights to our students.

You are the key

Our major new campaign invites you to join us in a mission to improve lives. We aim to draw together our global community of staff students, alumni and the people and businesses of our city.   

Through our campaign, we will connect you to projects that enable brilliant minds to break barriers, overcome limitations and think differently to solve the challenges of the world today.

We have identified six priority areas which you can support by giving money, time or ideas to help and support our students and researchers in what they do.

By supporting these areas, we will create new ways to tackle inequalities and new ways to help every student to succeed. Together there are no limits to what we can achieve. 

Together we will discover, educate and inspire new thinking. We will cross borders and push the boundaries of knowledge. Together we will ensure that York’s most powerful years are still ahead of us.

Denise Jagger, Chair of Council

Our Priorities

Enable every student to shine

Helping students overcome barriers through our scholarships

Transform mental health

Finding new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent mental ill health

Inspire innovation and entrepreneurship

Developing the spaces, skills and support for talented entrepreneurs

Tackle global challenges

Driving research and discovering opportunities for global equality

Enrich society with creativity and the arts

Supporting the arts for the wellbeing of society

Create a campus for the future

Connecting our campus digitally and physically