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Exploring Stone Age archaeology: the mysteries of Star Carr

Further your interest in the past through a deep dive into a single case study. 

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Four weeks Tutor facilitation starts 24 June 2024. Archaeology FutureLearn

Star Carr is famous in the archaeological world and on this course you'll examine some of the amazing discoveries made there. At the site we've uncovered the oldest known house in Britain, the earliest evidence of carpentry in Europe and the oldest complete bow in the world.

These and other discoveries help us interpret what life might have been like 11,000 years ago. Understanding this past and our ancestors help us to understand more about the present: where we came from, the origin of everyday things, and how much we have changed. The course is for anyone with an interest in the past and archaeology, and particularly for those with no previous archaeological background who may be considering higher education.

Assessments (and subsequent certificates) are optional and carry a fee, with the exception of people with a York username for whom they are free.

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