Private loans

We recommend you investigate Title IV Federal Aid (US Direct Loans) before applying for a private student loan as Direct Loans are often cheaper. USA private loans do not enable you to borrow more funds than Direct Loans.

Private loans are a helpful alternative if you're unable to borrow Direct Loans, such as with Medical or Nursing students, or if you're on a course with overseas or online elements that make it ineligible. You'll need good credit and a co-signer in order to apply.

The University of York is unable to recommend any one lender over another or advise on the suitability of any loan product. It's your responsibility to carefully research the terms and conditions (including repayment obligations, interest rates, deferral options etc) and consider the implications on your specific circumstances before going ahead with any loan.

You should not apply for a private loan more than 180 days before the disbursement date. That is, if your course starts in October, you should not apply until May or your loan application will become invalid

Private lenders

The following list is not exhaustive, and we recommend that you investigate additional private lenders to determine whether they will lend to you during your studies in the UK.

Some lenders offer private loans to residents of specific States:

If a parent or student has worked with a lender not listed below, and has received excellent benefits and quality service, please recommend this lender to us by emailing

How to apply for a private loan

  1. Complete our online US Loan Application Form
  2. Apply to your chosen private lender via their website online.