The Writing and Language Skills Centre

We offer a free service open to all students who are interested in developing their academic skills and language to a high standard.

We help with:

  • transitioning to a different learning culture
  • planning how to work on academic assignments, dissertations and theses
  • advancing their language skills to higher levels
  • developing skills in integrating sources and data effectively into their writing
  • developing a more critical stance and developing academic argument

We offer:

We work closely with departments on support for Masters (ask your department) and with RETT on support for PhD students.

We do not offer:

  • a proof-reading or correction service
  • advice on content. If you wish to discuss matters related to your discipline, you should refer to your module leader or supervisor.
  • advice on personal documents (e.g. MA/PhD proposals or CVs - for the latter please contact Careers).


Please note: You're unable to book multiple appointments of 30 and/or 50 minutes. To be fair to all students, if you do book more than one, we will retain only the first event and cancel all later bookings.

When sending in work after you have booked, please do not return an attachment on the booking confirmation email. This is an auto-email and is no reply, therefore it will not reach the tutor.

Royal Literary Fellows

Department of English Literature

Sponsored by the Department of English and Related Literature, The Royal Literary Fellows offer a consultation service to help with essays, dissertations and theses during term time.


For questions or information, get in touch at: 
+44 (0)1904 324935