We've created branded templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations, posters, certficates and stationery.

Whether you’re speaking on behalf of the University of York, or promoting something internally, presentations and posters should always look professional and follow our brand guidelines.

Presentation templates

Presentation templates

PowerPoint and Google Slides are useful supporting tools to help you as a speaker engage your audience, whether you’re talking about your research at an overseas conference, explaining one of our services to a local audience, or promoting our degree courses to potential students.

We’ve created a set of PowerPoint and Google Slides templates which you can download. Select from the slides and insert and edit the content to suit your needs. They are available in two formats, depending on the aspect ratio of the screen you intend to present on:

Templates including TEF Gold logo

Plain templates

Download and install templates

You can install the new layouts as PowerPoint templates. If you are using PowerPoint for Mac, we recommend using the files above as needed, rather than saving the templates. 



University letterheads, business cards and compliments slips must follow official templates. Contact Design and Print Solutions.

For on-brand colours and headings in Google Docs, you can set your default styles using these instructions.



Certificates for internal and external courses (unaccredited) must follow the official certificate template (MS Word , 1,701kb). Contact marketing-support@york.ac.uk for guidance.

Poster template

Poster template

You can create a simple poster or notice using the University branded poster template for A3 or A4 posters. It can be edited in the same way as any Microsoft Word document.

How to download and install

Functions will vary according to the version of Microsoft on your computer and whether you are using a Mac or a PC. These instructions are for Microsoft Word for PCs.

  • Save it to your Templates folder. This is usually at w2k\Applications\Microsoft\Templates
  • In Word, select File then New from Template. Select My templates and choose the poster template.  

Creating a simple poster

The placeholder fields in the template can be edited as follows:

  • [Department name] Type in your department, service or office name here with a web address below, or just delete it if you want to keep the top of the notice clear.
  • [Coloured rule] Right click on the thick rule to highlight it and then choose one of the theme colours which have been chosen to align with the corporate and accent colours in the brand guidelines.
  • [A head] Insert a headline, heading or title here. If you want it to be in colour choose one of theme colours from the tool bar.
  • [B head] Add a strapline, date or venue here.
  • [Body text] Type a concise description of the event keeping to a maximum of 50 words.
  • [Bullets] You might prefer to create the text as a bullet list. If not, delete.
  • [Image] The image box is a just placeholder. To insert an image, right click in the box and go to Change image then select an image from your files. Resize your image by pulling the corner with the arrow tool which appears when you click on the box. Alternatively, just delete the box if you don’t want an image.

Save your document in the usual way or convert to a PDF, then print.

Who to contact