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Our brand

Let’s start with what our brand isn’t. It isn’t a logo. It isn’t a colour palette. It isn’t a poster. 

Our brand is what people think and feel about us – staff, students, parents, alumni, the local community, funders, partners, government. Everybody. It’s what they all say about us when we’re not in the room. 

Our job is to persuade people to think and feel about us in a specific way. To give powerful, positive meaning to the words ‘University of York’.

Our brand book helps you to do that through the language and images that you choose to share. It combines all of our brand guidelines with colours, logo guidance, our brand typeface and brand templates.

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Just looking for the University of York logo?

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Staff seeking photos and videos for their projects can search and download our full asset library in the brand platform.

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Student requests

Full brand platform access is only available to staff. If you are a student requiring images or brand assets, please email with your requirements.

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