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Undergraduate Courses

BA Sociology

BA Sociology with Criminology

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The course progresses from broad to specialist topics, comprising two thirds Sociology modules and one third Criminology modules. You'll engage with key aspects of crime and deviance from a range of academic perspectives, while also having the opportunity to study wider sociological themes and research.

BA Sociology with Social Psychology

In this course, you'll develop a sociological perspective on how identities, choices and actions are shaped by technologies, sexuality, institutions, culture, and interactions with others.

BA Sociology/Education

Education is increasingly seen as essential to an informed society and as the driver for economic growth, social harmony and personal well-being. By combining two distinctive but intertwined subjects, you’ll gain a deep understanding of education and learn to evaluate evidence, think critically and craft arguments - attributes valued by potential employers.

BA Philosophy/Sociology

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Studying philosophy is an engaging yet demanding activity that will challenge your thinking, giving you a greater understanding of your own nature and that of the world around you. In sociology you will build on this by exploring issues such as globalisation, inequalities and social change and how these relate to individual and social identities.

BA Criminology

BA Criminology

Crime, Evidence, Fingerprint, Forensic, ForensicsExplore what crime means in our culture and society and how it affects our lives. Look beyond traditional views and develop new ways of thinking about the effects of crime, how it impacts individuals and societies and how we respond to it.

LLB Law and Criminology

Throughout the course, you'll learn about inequalities and discrimination in society and the criminal justice system, and discuss and evaluate how injustices can be challenged. You'll choose from a range of modules across Sociology, Law and Social Policy, drawing on expertise from each subject to enhance your knowledge and skills.

BA Social and Political Sciences

BA Social and Political Sciences with Philosophy

This degree is designed for students who would like to develop a strong philosophical dimension to their study of social and political sciences. You'll be taught by world-leading academics across four departments and study the most up-to-date theories in social and political sciences. 

BA Social and Political Sciences

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Social and Political Sciences allows you to study a flexible choice of modules from a huge range offered by three highly respected academic departments: Sociology, Social Policy and Politics.