What our staff say

John Forecast 
Student Support Administrator

My favorite aspect of working in Sociology at York is being able to help students throughout their studies and staff deliver excellent teaching and world class research. The opportunities for staff and students are fantastic and I'm proud that I can contribute to helping acheve this.

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David Beer
Reader in Sociology

Sociology is a really rewarding discipline to engage in, it offers lots of opportunities to find out new things and to create new perspectives.  It allows us to see things in a new light, which is always really rewarding.  I find that by working with students on cutting-edge materials within sociology lots of new ideas arise

Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Senior Lecturer in Criminology

"The best part of being in the Sociology Department at York is the supportive, friendly ethos and the sheer diversity of sociological research and teaching that we deliver ranging from crime and celebrity, to health and conversational analysis.  This grants students the opportunity to study cutting edge topics with specialists who are actively researching areas that they are teaching". 

Merran Toerien, Lecturer in Sociology

There’re two main things that I love about working with Sociology students at York: their willingness to put the ‘taken-for-granteds’ of their own lives under a microscope and their excitement at grappling with real empirical data.  It’s always inspiring to find that, no matter how many times I have engaged with a topic before, students will always offer a fresh insight.