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After you graduate

Our graduates are highly sought after by sectors including:

  • Criminal justice, policing & law 
  • Media & creative industries 
  • Education 
  • Social research
  • Health and welfare services
  • Charity sector

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Land your dream job

One of the biggest myths about sociology degrees is that they are non-vocational. In fact, a degree from the Department of Sociology prepares you for many different careers.

Our graduates forge successful careers all over the world. Some go on to work in criminal justice, the media, and education – others in social research, health and welfare services, and the charity sector. So, one way or another, we’ll help you find your dream job. Read about the destinations of our graduates and connect with a Mentor working in your chosen sector at York Profiles and Mentors.

Employability skills

As a Sociology student, you’ll learn about the world around you and the challenges faced by people in society. You’ll develop skills in problem-solving, evaluating evidence, forming reasoned arguments, thinking creatively, and considering different viewpoints. Add to this the experience you'll get working in a team and using your initiative, and you have a whole host of invaluable skills that can be transferred to lots of different industries.

Take control of your career development

We’ll help you take control of your career development and make the most of your time at University with our online guidance, including our employability skills page.

Get focused, gain experience and network

Preparing you for your career is our priority. From day one, we’ll help you focus your career goals, gain work experience, and meet the right employers.

Volunteering and Internships

You get work experience through the Student Internship Bureau, York Students in Schools, York Students in Communities, work-shadowing, part-time jobs, and even within our department. 

Year away

All undergraduate students in the Department of Sociology have the opportunity to pursue a year away from York. This can be as a placement year or studying abroad.

Placement years are a great way of gaining work experience, allowing you to apply your studies in a professional context. You also gain academic credit, with your placement recognised in your degree title.

We also offer study abroad opportunities, to universities in Europe, the US, Australia, and Asia. These can be done as a replacement to your second year of study, or as an additional year in between your second and third years.

We are here to help you

Alongside your studies, our dedicated Placements Coordinator, Employability Manager and our Careers and Employability Coordinator for Sociology will help you work out what you want to do and how you’re going to get there. And you will get there!

Placements Coordinator for Sociology and Criminology

Shauni Hyde
+44 (0)1904 324165 

Employability Manager (Faculty of Social Sciences) 

Tom Coward
+44 (0)1904 323053 

Careers and Employability Coordinator for Sociology

Dr Ben Jacobsen 

Study Abroad Coordinator for Sociology and Criminology

Dr Christina Buse
+44 (0)1904 32 3233