AgriFood at York Local Pump Priming

This new AgriFood at York Pump Priming funding will distribute up to £260k between 2016-2018. It is designed to support collaborations across the N8 University partners and with non-academic bodies; to create proof of principle data to underpin external applications for additional funding; and to bring academics new to the AgriFood research space on board. 

Potential projects can span one or more of the three themes of N8 AgriFood (see below). Projects will be expected to include representation from at least one other N8 AgriFood institution and can be up to six months' duration in the 4th and final round of this call.

We will fund 100% of directly incurred and directly allocated costs; indirect and estates costs cannot be funded. Requests for modest capital equipment funding will be considered, but funding is not available for PhD or Master’s studentships (Check Application Guidance Notes for more information).

The York PI will apply for funding on behalf of the collaboration and will have responsibility for reporting. Proposals can be up to £8k and awards are expected to vary in scale as appropriate to the specific proposal.

Timing & Process

Round 4 of pump-priming funding: The deadline for applications is Thursday 18 October 2018.

Features of successful projects

To be eligible, projects must be interdisciplinary and involve individuals from at least two N8 institutions and respond to one or more of the themes of sustainable food production, resilient supply chains and consumption and improved health

Projects will be judged by the extent to which they fulfil the following criteria:

  • addressing important research problems that can only be achieved through an interdisciplinary collaborative team effort

  • building on excellent research

  • establishing new, high quality interdisciplinary research collaborations, or significantly enhance existing partnerships

  • demonstrating collaborations with industry, the global south or other external stakeholders, or clear plans to gain such collaborations in the course of the project

  • demonstrating clear pathways to achieve outputs required by the N8 AgriFood programme e.g. attracting external funding or creating demonstrable impact outside academia

Additionally, the panel will consider favourably those researchers who want to develop innovative ideas outside their discipline, area of expertise or beyond their current experience.

Proposal Background

The N8 AgriFood Programme has three core themes which encompass the range of activity areas associated with the drive to ensure sustainable, resilient & healthy food supplies for all:

Sustainable Food Production

Combining soil health, resilient and productive crops and livestock, novel diagnostics and predictive modelling to promote resilient, sustainable food production.

Resilient Supply

Adapting food supply systems to deliver better resilience while improving nutrition, reducing environmental impacts and sustaining economies fairly.

Improved Consumption & Health

Improving public health while lowering the burden of food production and distribution on the natural environment through changes in behaviour, diet and other socio-economic factors.

Application Form

To apply, please see the documents below, issued in August 2018 for the 4th round of Pump Priming Funding.

Further information

Download a list of projects awarded in the 1st and 2nd rounds of funding: Funded projects round 1&2 (MS Excel , 25kb)

For more information on the University of York Pump-priming process, contact

For any other query regarding the overarching N8 Agrifood programme, please visit