AgriFood activities at York

Centres and Institutes

Exemplar research programmes and projects

SEnSOR programme

Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Oil palm Research.

Food Fraud project

Tweet-mining framework as a tool for academia and practitioners in crisis management.

IKnowFood project

Integrating Knowledge for Food Systems Resilience.

Resilient Rice project

Using wild ancestor plants to make rice more resilient to drought.

Developing sustainable sources of animal feed

Developing an innovative technology for the mass rearing of black soldier fly larvae, which can be used as animal feed, utilising crop residues.

Transforming Greater Mekong food systems

Addressing the entire food system, the people who have the most influence on it, and the people most affected by it.

AFN Network+

Shaping the next decade of research to support and drive the agrifood system’s progress towards net zero.

Doctoral training

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