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14. PGR complaints and appeals


The University has a complaints procedure  for dealing with complaints of an academic and non-academic nature from PGRs and others. There is a procedure for dealing with complaints relating to harassment or bullying of any kind.


PGRs may appeal if, following examination, they fail to achieve the qualification sought, or in a number of other circumstances concerning their academic progression set out in Regulation 2.8. Responsibility for considering appeals has been delegated by the Senate to SC.


If a PGR receives an examination outcome of a downgrade and they decide to appeal this decision they will still be required to abide by the approved timetable for the submission of the thesis for the lower award (as set out in section 12) unless exceptional circumstances apply. 

Policy sections

1. Introduction

2. The criteria for the award of PGR degrees

3. The research environment

4. Selection, admission and induction of PGRs

5. Supervision

6. Responsibilities of PGRs and supervisors

7. Periods of enrolment, changes to PGRs' status and personal circumstances (including illness), working hours and holidays

8. Progress and review arrangements

9. Development of research and other skills

10. Evaluation of PGR programmes

11. Research integrity and ethics

12. Assessment

13. Dissemination of research results, intellectual property rights and responsibilities

14. PGR complaints and appeals

15. Research away from York (excluding PGRs on distance learning PGR programmes)

16. Arrangements for non-York PGRs