Accessibility statement

16. Arrangements for non-York students

Supervision of individual non-York PGRs by York academics


An academic at York may serve as a co-supervisor for an individual PGR 
enrolled on a PGR programme at another awarding academic institution subject to the constraints set out in the 
University Policy on Work for Outside Bodies.
Supervision by an academic from York under such an arrangement does not bestow on the PGR concerned any rights or benefits associated with enrolment at York, nor any entitlement to an award from York.

Incoming visiting PGRs


An individual PGR enrolled at another awarding academic institution may enrol as a visiting PGR at York, normally for a maximum period of eighteen months. Applications must be made through the usual postgraduate admissions process for visiting PGRs, and be considered by departments in the normal way. As a condition of admission, applicants must meet the University’s normal admission requirements, including the minimum English language proficiency requirements of the relevant department/programme. Unless specific alternative arrangements are agreed by the University (eg under a PGR exchange scheme, see section 15), visiting PGRs pay tuition fees at York pro rata to their period of study. Visiting PGRs are not eligible for the award of any qualification from York. Visiting PGRs should receive the same supervisory input as registered PGRs. Visiting PGRs are not required to undergo TAP meetings or formal reviews of progress.

Programme level academic input from York that does not lead to a University of York award


A departmental Graduate School Board may seek approval from PPPC for PGRs enrolled at from another university in an approved multi-institution DTP or international research collaboration with York to be required or permitted to undertake a period of study at York and/or receive academic input from York in the form of training, credit-bearing modules, appointment of co-supervisors or external membership of Thesis Advisory Panels. Where appropriate, York may maintain outline PGR records for these individuals.  

This Policy applies to all PGRs who commenced a PGR programme after October 2013. The Policy also applies to PGRs who commenced a PGR programme before October 2013, with the exception that changes to the composition of existing supervisory teams and/or Thesis Advisory Panels are not required if the department believes that this would not be in the best interests of the PGRs concerned.

Policy sections

1. Introduction

2. The criteria for the award of PGR degrees

3. The research environment

4. Selection, admission and induction of PGRs

5. Supervision

6. Responsibilities of PGRs and supervisors

7. Periods of enrolment, changes to PGRs' status and personal circumstances (including illness), working hours and holidays

8. Progress and review arrangements

9. Development of research and other skills

10. Evaluation of PGR programmes

11. Research integrity and ethics

12. Assessment

13. Dissemination of research results, intellectual property rights and responsibilities

14. PGR complaints and appeals

15. Research away from York (excluding PGRs on distance learning PGR programmes)

16. Arrangements for non-York PGRs