Nuclear Physics Research

Welcome to the Nuclear Physics Group at the University of York. Our aim is to carry out world-leading research aimed  at  the  study  of  the  fundamental  properties  of  atomic  nuclei and the  origin  of  elements  in  the  cosmos, employing and developing state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical techniques.  As well as pursuing fundamental research focussing on key questions at the forefront of the field, we work to develop new techniques in nuclear technology, working closely with industrial partners. We are also strongly committed to our outreach programme, inspiring the next generation of scientists and bringing the excitement of fundamental science to the wider public.

The links below give highlights of our work in all these areas. We are always looking for enthusiastic scientists to join us in our exciting work, and we have PhD and MSc (research) opportunities every year in these programmes. We are also very happy to host post-doctoral fellowships within the group - please make contact with one of the group members if this is of interest to you.