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Bob Wadsworth



BSc, PhD (Liverpool), CPhys, FInstP

Summary of expertise

  • Spectroscopy using fragmentation, Coulomb excitation and fusion evaporation reactions
  • Structure of exotic nuclei
  • Deformation and collectivity in self-conjugate nuclei
  • Neutron-proton pairing and isospin symmetry



My current research is focused on studies of nuclei with approximately equal numbers of protons and neutrons. Recent work has involved the investigation of nuclear shapes and deformations of N=Z nuclei, isospin symmetry studies, neutron-proton pairing and nuclear isomeric states and their decays in nuclei just below tin-100.  Recent publications in these areas include: studies of isospin symmetry in T=1 states in mass 70 nuclei, the investigation of the role of nucleon core-excitations across the N = Z = 50 shell-gaps on the structure and decay modes of the 16+ spin-gap isomer in 96Cd,  the discovery and structural interpretation of a proton decaying  isomeric state in Rubidium-72, a nucleus that resides beyond the proton drip-line, the determination of the collectivity of low-lying states in Zirconium-80 and neighbouring nuclei, the investigation of nuclear shapes in Krypton-80 and -82 isotopes using Coulomb excitation techniques, Isospin properties of nuclear pair correlations in Ruthenium-88 and evidence for enhanced neutron-proton correlations from nuclear energy level studies in Technetium-87.


Spectroscopy of proton rich nuclei using fragmentation, nucleon knock-out, low energy Coulomb excitation and fusion-evaporation reaction techniques.

Experiments are performed at facilities located at RIKEN (Tokyo, Japan), FRIB (Michigan State University, USA), ISOLDE (CERN, Switzerland),  TRIUMF Laboratory (Vancouver, Canada) and University of Jyvaskyla (Jyvaskyla, Finland).

Research group(s)

  • Ryan Llewellyn, PhD Student


Nuclear Physics Consolidated Grant - STFC 2021 - 2024


Prof H Iwasaki - Michigan State University

Prof B Cederwall - KTH Stockholm

Dr P. Ruotsalainen - University of Jyvaskyla

Dr. F. Recchia, University of Padova

Dr J Henderson - University of Surrey

Prof M. Bentley - University of York

Prof D. Jenkins - University of York

Prof J. Dobacezwski - University of York

Prof Bob Wadsworth

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