Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis seminar: On the stochastic 3D globally modified Navier-Stokes system

This event has now finished.
  • Date and time: Tuesday 18 June 2019, 2pm to Thursday 1 August 2019, 3pm
  • Location: Topos, James College, Campus West, University of York (Map)
  • Admission: Free admission

Event details

A stochastic version of the deterministic 3D globally modified Navier-Stokes model is presented. The model arises in the modeling of turbulent flows in fluids. We establish the global well-posedness of the strong solution (in both PDE and probabilistic sense). Moreover, we investigate the asymptotic behavior of the unique solution. We also extend the present results to the stochastic 3D globally modified Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes equations. This is a joint work with Tachim Medjo Theodore (Florida International University, USA).