How can we ensure the future of our planet and our society? How can organisations contribute to the well-being and resilience of their employees? How can we maintain standards of healthcare as pressures increase?

Our research in this area addresses sustainability challenges facing organisations, healthcare providers, their employees and wider society. We bring together world-class work across human resource management; strategy; international business; finance; operations management and supply chain management.

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Featured research

Going greener

Victoria Wells
What motivates employees to make environmentally-positive choices in the workplace, and how can we leverage these to work more sustainably?


Bob Doherty
This multi-million pound research programme aims to tackle inequalities within the food system.

Changing shifts

Jane Suter and Tina Kowalski
We worked with an NHS Foundation Trust as they altered their shift patterns, to help them understand the impact of the changes on their staff.


Sustainable Consumption

Examining how socially-responsible consumer behaviours can be built on and encouraged by marketers and organisations.

Health and Wellbeing

Investigating primary and community care and GP attrition, the social impact of the hygiene hypothesis, the urgent care network, health inequalities, and working conditions in healthcare organisations.

Sustainability in Supply Chains

Working alongside a range of institutions to help provide solutions that balance food security with environmental sensitivity, particularly through hybrid organisations.

Circular Economy

Evaluating alternatives to the linear economy's make-use-dispose product lifecycle, particularly in relation to the policy agenda to reduce plastics waste.


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