Accessibility statement


If you need somewhere safe to keep your property whilst working in the Library, please use one of the lockers provided. Please note:

  • Only use the lockers for temporary storage
  • Don’t store unissued Library items in the lockers
  • We advise you not to leave valuables in the locker
  • We may make spot checks on these lockers (eg for unissued items)
  • If you lose the key, there is a £25 charge
  • The University of York Library does not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any items left in lockers
  • If you forget your locker key, staff at the Help Desk can help you access your locker during full-service hours only. If you repeatedly forget your key you may be asked to surrender your locker and pay a lost item charge.



  • There are 122 lockers located on the ground floor (past the Morrell Lounge and through the doors)
  • You may borrow a locker key for up to four weeks unless they are requested. Every Monday we will email you with a reminder of the items you have on loan. You may wish to renew the locker key if it is close to its due date, or return it if you have finished with the locker.
  • If there is high demand for lockers you may not be able to renew online. If this happens please return your locker key promptly.
  • If your locker key has been requested, and you are late returning it, you will be charged a fine of £2 per day.

Morrell study room lockers

  • Coin operated lockers are available in accessible study rooms LMO/156 and LMO/255 in the Morrell
  • These lockers are for short-term use while you are using the study room (for example, if you leave the room for a short time).
  • When you have finished using the study room, take your belongings and leave the locker empty for the next user


  • 24 key operated lockers, for postgraduate students only
  • Located in the Postgraduate Research Lounge (2nd Floor Fairhurst)
  • Can be used for up to seven days
  • Keys for these lockers can be collected from the Help Desk
  • Please note, it is not possible to renew these locker keys, and a fine may be charged for their late return

King's Manor Library

  • 6 key operated lockers
  • Keys can be collected from the Help Desk
  • For use during opening hours only - please take your belongings with you at the end of the day

Accessible lockers for Library users with disabilities

  • There are 6 lockers in the Morrell Library designated for long term use by users with disabilities or health issues
  • There are also 2 wheelchair accessible lockers, near the disabled access door of the Morrell
  • If you need to use either a long term use locker or a wheelchair accessible locker, please ask at the Help Desk or email
  • We provide other support for Library users with disabilities, which may be of interest: