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Doncaster Mansion House


Doncaster Mansion House

About Doncaster Mansion House

Doncaster Mansion House was an important focus for the social, economic and local government life of the sub-region. Built in 1749 by James Paine as a place for entertainment and civic functions, Doncaster Mansion House is one of Yorkshire’s most distinguished and significant examples of Georgian architecture. It is now at a momentous threshold in its history: having been recently vacated by Doncaster Borough Council it is now being reconceptualised as a visitor attraction and place of entertainment and education.

About Doncaster Civic Trust and the Friends of Doncaster Mansion House

Doncaster Civic Trust is a local charity whose main aims are to seek the protection and enhancement of Doncaster’s built environment and heritage and to improve public understanding and appreciation of its built and natural environments. The Friends of Doncaster Mansion House offer support by volunteering, researching, fundraising and organising events and activities.

The project

The Project

We are interested in bringing the story of Doncaster district’s many country estates to public attention and exploring their physical characteristics and their social and economic influence on 21st century Doncaster.

This partnership is a new and stimulating opportunity for a student who would value experience in heritage management and curatorial practices. The successful applicant will work with the Trust and Friends on initiatives to celebrate the tercentenary of Paine's birth in 2017 and the project 'Doncaster's Country Estates and the Mansion House: Their architecture, landscapes and social and economic impact on the development of the sub-region.'

Your role will be three-fold: you will be engaged as a scholar and researcher, but also as a curator of the Paine exhibition to be opened at Mansion House in summer 2017. You will also engage with local schools to further the aim of enhancing young people’s understanding and appreciation of the borough’s history and the dynamic forces which have created today’s environment. Virtually all of the estates (existing and defunct) fall within, or close to, the catchments of all Doncaster’s schools and it could be a key element of the research that participating schools explore the history of their local estate.

Doncaster is 20 minutes away from York by train and this exciting studentship partnership comes with a £300 travel stipend. Applicants are very welcome to contact Jeffrey Prior, Doncaster Civic Trust, for further information.