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Postgraduate Student Profiles

Here are a few of our postgraduate students. Click on their names to read a mini-interview with them!

MA Students


“Studying at York allowed me to work with scholars of international reputation and explore the world of British Art from a whole new perspective.“



 "Having such fantastic examples of surviving medieval art on my doorstep is a luxury I certainly haven’t taken for granted!"


"The reputation and access to medieval architecture here is truly incredible."

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"The school has an internationally-recognized research reputation and the faculty are encouraging, understanding, and patient."


"I was pleasantly surprised how creative the History of Art course can be, there is a lot of scope to apply original approaches and ideas."


"For the first time in my academic career I am not shying away from trying to read untranslated versions of primary sources."


"I chose York because I really appreciated the flexibility to combine modules from different paths."



"The variety of the course modules matched my interests."



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PhD Students

See a full list of our research students and their thesis topics on our research pages.


"I have found the department as a whole to be really supportive and helpful"


"The facilities for arts and humanities post-graduates of any period are truly impressive"


" aided by the library's extensive online subscriptions to e-journals and databases such as ECCO"


"York has introduced me to proper academic research, as well as giving me the opportunity to meet leading scholars in the field"


"I had no horizons as an art historian before"


"If one is interested in the history and architecture of England, there is probably nowhere more beautiful and quiet to spend several years of study than York"


"I love the interdisciplinary atmosphere [at York]"


"The research facilities at York have been instrumental to the development of my project"


"[York]...has encouraged me to think in more methodologically sophisticated ways and approach complex issues with confidence"



"The excellent research facilities provided by the university were a key factor in my decision to continue my studies at York."


"York broadened my horizons in respect of object based research"



"The skills demanded in postgraduate study in a complex field such as the History of Art are hugely transferable."



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