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PhD Conference 2020: (De)Constructing Embodiments

Joseph Beuys, Felt Suit, 1970, Tate Modern

Friday 13 March 2020, 9.30AM

This conference will explore the implications of embodiment to the discipline of Art History. Critical reflection and questioning of how we practise Art History as a discipline productively shifts paradigms and facilitates dialogue between seemingly disparate fields. In this conference we will examine concepts of order/disorder, power/disempowerment, and success/failure as produced through diverse forms of embodiment in visual cultures throughout history.


9:30-10:00: Welcome, registration with refreshments

10:00-10:10: Opening remarks, organising committee

10:10-11:10: Panel 1, (Dis)embodiment of Materials (Chair: Blair Apgar)

Jordan Cook, "Embodying the 'Earthly' in Early Netherlandish Painting"

Yu-Jui Yang, "Tangled Objecthood: A Study of Glass in Interpretations of Jian-Nian Artefacts"

11:10-11:20: Break

11:20-12:20: Panel 2, (Dis)embodiment of Gender and Sexuality (Chair: Susie Beckham)

Christiane Matt, "Architecture (Dis)embodied: Translations and Tensions in Louise Bourgeois' Femme Maison (1946-1947)"

Gemma Shearwood, "The Embodiment of Queerness in Roubiliac's Monuments to William Hargrave and James Fleming"

12:20-13:20: Lunch

13:20-14:20: Panel 3, (Dis)embodiment of Sensory Experience (Chair: Martin Brook)

Izabella Gill-Brown, "Dislocation of the British Empire: The Embodiment of the India at Osborne House"

Marte Stinis, "The Embodiment of Pictorial Music: Vincent van Gogh's 'Symphonies in Colour'"

14:20-14:30: Break

14:30-15:30: Panel 4, (Dis)embodiment of Geographical Space (Chair: Kathryn Davies)

Murray Tremellen, "Andrea Casali's Portrait of Mrs. Smart Lethieullier: The Evolution of the Female Grand Tour Portrait"

Leah Tharpe, "Alfred Jacob Miller's Threat by Crows Journeys through Time, Space, and Scholarship"

15:30-16:00: Roundtable discussion (Chair: Cordula van Wyhe)

16:00-16:10: Closing remarks, organising committee

16:30-18:30: Drinks reception (separate location)

Image: Felt Suit, Joseph Beuys 1970

Location: Eynns Room, Heslington Hall HG/21