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Reassessing Burne-Jones

Thursday 21 February 2019, 10.00AM


Day 1: Thursday 21 February

10:00-10:30 – Registration

10:30-10:40 – Welcome and Opening Remarks: Katherine Hinzman (University of York)

10:40-11:40 – Panel 1 – Reassessing Influences
Chair: Marjorie Coughlan (University of York)

Glenda Youde (University of York)
Burne-Jones and the Rossetti Influence: But Which Rossetti? [see abstract]

Polina Tokmacheva (Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow)
The Art of E.C. Burne-Jones in the Context of Anglo-Italian Dialogue of Cultures [see abstract]

Katherine Hinzman (University of York)
‘Things that will never be out of me’: Burne-Jones, John Henry Newman and a Theology of Art [see abstract]

11:40-12:00 – Break

12:00-13:00 – Panel 2 – Design and Innovation across Media
Chair: Alexandra Gushurst-Moore (University of York)

Colin Cruise (Aberystwyth University)
On the Aesthetics of Skin: Burne-Jones and Vellum [see abstract]

Adel Kormanik (University of York)
The Prioress’s Tale Wardrobe: A New Form of Pre-Raphaelite Altarpiece? [see abstract]

Samantha Timm (Jewel Spiegel Gallery, USA)
Illuminated in Gilt: Byzantium and Gold in the Later Watercolours of Edward Burne-Jones [see abstract]

13:00-14:00 – Lunch

14:00-15:00 – Panel 3 – Conservation, and Exhibition
Chair: Robert Wilkes (Oxford Brookes University)

Debbie Innes (University of York)
Edward Burne-Jones and the New Gallery [see abstract]

Alison Smith (National Gallery, London)
Curating the Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition in 2018 [see abstract]

Rachel Scott (Tate)
(Paper prepared in collaboration with Joyce Townsend and Alastair Johnson (Tate))
The Making of a Triptych: 
The Annunciation and the Adoration of the Magi by Burne-Jones, 1861 [see abstract]

15:00-15:30 – Coffee break

15:30-16:30 – Keynote 1

Fiona Mann (Oxford-Brookes University)
Reassessing Burne-Jones’s Early Oils: Influences, Evolution and Techniques [see abstract]

Conference Dinner

Day 2: Friday 22 February

09:00-09:10 – Registration

09:10-10:25 – Panel 4 – Christmas Carol Christianity: Christ and the Angels
Chair: Katherine Hinzman (University of York)

Charlotte Hone (University of York)
Angel Wings: The Protest of Sir Edward Burne-Jones in Favour of the Soul’s Immortality [see abstract]

Madeleine Emerald Thiele (Aberystwyth University)
Edward Burne-Jones: A Mediating Angel? [see abstract]

Ayla Lepine (Diocese of London)
Personal Jesus: Burne-Jones’ Images of Christ [see abstract]

Ciarán Rua O’Neill (University of York)
It ‘Will Be in Rome and Will Last for Ever’: Edward Burne-Jones, Architecture, and St. Paul’s Within-the-Walls [see abstract]

10:25-10:55 – Coffee break

10:55-12:10 – Panel 5 – International Acclaim
Chair: Marjorie Coughlan (University of York)

Maria Golovteeva (University of St Andrews)
Edward Burne-Jones and Fernand Khnopff: The ‘Last Pre-Raphaelite’ in Belgium [see abstract]

Piotr Kopszak (National Museum, Warsaw)
Burne-Jones Seen from Poland Before 1914 [see abstract]

Mariela Saldias
Burne-Jones’s French Critical Reception (1878-1900) [see abstract]

Judith Stapleton (Yale University)
Edward Burne-Jones: Between East and West [see abstract]

12:10-12:45 – Lunch

12:45-13:45 – Panel 6 – Music and Medievalism: Burne-Jones’s Unique Interpretations
Chair: Alexandra Gushurst-Moore (University of York)

Marte Stinis (University of York)
Edward Burne-Jones’s The Golden Stairs: Reassessing Music as Painted Movement [see abstract]

Pola Durajska (University of York)
Burne-Jones’s Two Versions of Chaucer’s Dream of Good Women [see abstract]

Carlo Scapecchi (University of Edinburgh)

13:50-14:50 – Panel 7 – ‘Sick-sad Dreams’: The Female Enigma
Chair: Robert Wilkes (Oxford Brookes University)

Elisa Korb
The ‘Pollution and Purification’ of Edward Burne-Jones’s Classical Heroines [see abstract]

Simon Poë
Burne-Jones and His Legacy: Let’s Talk About Sex [see abstract]

Melissa Gustin (Henry Moore Institute)
She’s a Maneater, Ooo: Burne-Jones’s Depths of the Sea and Contemporary Mermaid Culture [see abstract]

 14:50-15:00 – Break

15:00-16:00 –Keynote 2

Stacey Sell (National Gallery, Washington)
“Sick of Dead Bodies”: Tomb Designs by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

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Location: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford