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Jerusalem's Imprint on the European Visual Memory

Tuesday 11 November 2014, 5.30PM

Speaker(s): Professor Bianca Kühnel of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

York Medieval Seminar Series

Hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies, this lecture is an attempt to classify the manifold representations of Jerusalem in Eichstätt‌Christian medieval art and architecture, aiming to emphasize the turning points in their history. The dependence on one model, on one hand, and the broad geographical and historical distribution, on the other, have produced a unique artistic phenomenon that has yet to be deciphered in its complexity. Professor Bianca Kühnel will map some of the most representative Jerusalem sites in Europe in connection with the respective historical and political conditions of their foundation.

A graduate seminar concentrating on a few test cases, and asking if and how the local, particularistic features fit (or not) into the European network of Jerusalem representations will follow on Wednesday November 12th at 11.15 at King's Manor, K/159

Students interested in attending the graduate seminar should register their interest in attending by e-mailing Brittany Scowcroft.

Read more in the Centre for Medieval Studies blog, which also has readings for the seminar.


Location: K/133 King's Manor

Admission: Admission is free and everyone is welcome.