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Cultures of the Global: an interdisciplinary conversation

Worlds largest globus located in Silkeborg, Denmark. Thomas Bredøl,

Thursday 16 June 2011, 4.30PM to 6:30pm

Speaker(s): Led by Dr Sarah Turner (York) and visiting Professor Whitney Davis (Berkeley)

The aim of this event is to explore what thinking, teaching and researching ‘globally’ entails for scholars across different fields. ‘World’ studies in art history, literature, music, philosophy, as well as in many numerous other fields, have generated much debate about the methodological and theoretical implications of the ‘global turn’ of recent scholarship. In bringing together scholars from different fields, the aim of this informal event is to discuss the problems and possibilities of ‘world’ studies as our disciplines are shaped by and adapt to the global circumstances in which they are practiced and taught. Challenges to national schools and divisions, the continued, but by no means unproblematic, importance of the study of ‘regions’ and the questions raised about a monolithic or universalist conception of the ‘world’ make this a lively, often contentious, but vitally important area for debate. How do we formulate conceptions of our research, pedagogy and disciplines more broadly which do not simply ‘go global’ but which retain a sense of the fractured, asymmetrical and complex circulations of ideas, people, materials, goods and objects which have shaped the modern world? How can we conceive of projects which look across cultural boundaries but which are grounded in particular ways of looking, writing, producing and thinking?

There will be a couple of set readings and plenty of wine to help get the conversation started!

Whitney Davis 'Worlds Without Art' (PDF , 439kb)

We will also discuss possible future events, conferences and research collaborations for the Cultures of the Global research strand for 2011-2012.

Location: The Treehouse

Admission: Open to all. Please email to register your interest.