Our research examines the future of human-environment relationships across the planet.

We analyse the interactions between humans, technologies and ecosystems in a range of environmental processes. In particular, we look at those related to energy, extractive industries, ecosystem services and climate change.

At the heart of our shared research is a core belief in global environmental justice. We aim to ensure the wellbeing of socio-ecological systems, fairness in environmental decision-making and the welfare of marginalised populations and future generations. 

Our group includes human geographers, sociologists, ecological economists and political scientists. Our research is heavily integrated with the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre and the York Environmental Sustainability Institute and we are highly collaborative with the Departments of Politics, Social Work and Social Policy, Sociology, and Biology.

We conduct fieldwork across the globe, with recently funded projects in the UK, mainland Europe, Colombia, Mozambique, Thailand, India and Kenya.

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Listen to Dr Bryce Stewart discuss the diversity of British seas for our Story of Things podcast.


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