Accessibility statement

Learning Support

Module workbooks

For the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma, the module workbooks form the 'core' of each module. Workbooks contain the basic text for the programme, exercises for you to carry out on your own and in groups and references to additional reading. See the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma pages for details of each module.

For the MSc, the core learning material is delivered via narrated slides, and an accompanying workbook contains exercises and references to reading. See the MSc pages for details of the modules.

Tutor support

For each module, every student is allocated a tutor to oversee their progress; the tutor can advise on problems and questions regarding the modules. In addition, throughout the programmes, support is provided by the Programme Leaders, a personal supervisor and the programme administrators.


We use 'Yorkshare', built with the Blackboard Academic Suiteā„¢ virtual learning environment, to deliver the programmes. The suite offers discussion boards, an assessed work submission facility, private messages and, for some modules, automatically marked multiple choice questions.

Training on the use of Yorkshare will be provided at the Module 1 workshop. However, please note that we will be unable to provide training in general computing matters concerning working within a Windows environment (such as file management, e-mail and using a web browser), and you should ensure that you are familiar with these matters before commencing the programmes. Further, you are responsible for your own computing hardware, software mounted on it and the link to your Internet Service Provider; the University of York cannot provide support for these.

In order to use Yorkshare, your computer and software will need to meet minimum specifications (on Windows, Yorkshare supports Internet Explorer 7 and above and Firefox 3.5 and above; on Mac, Yorkshare supports Safari 4 and above and Firefox 3.5 and above).

If you are unsure whether your PC and/or browser meets these requirements, you should contact your company's IT section or the supplier of your computer. The University of York cannot assist with compatibility issues.

A note on PC specification

IT Services have produced a guide on minimum PC specification for students. This specification takes into account the activities that most students will need to partake in, such as watching online videos, using Yorkshare, and using Zoom or similar platforms. 

Residential workshops in York

Each module offers a two-day residential workshop in York. The workshop for Module 1 is compulsory; the remainder are optional (and highly recommended). The workshops offer a mix of seminars, lectures, problem-solving classes and a chance to meet your colleagues and the Programme team.

Speakers at recent workshops have included Karl Claxton, Mike Drummond and Mark Sculpher.

View a sample timetable: Module 1 workshop timetable 2019-20 (PDF , 178kb)

Please note: in 2020-21, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all workshops will be online.

Library services

You will have access to the University library and use of its distance learning service. 

Examination centres

For each of Modules 1 - 4, students are required to sit an unseen written examination at an examination centre based either in the UK or abroad.

Please note: in 2020-21, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all examinations will be open exams, so attendance at an examination centre will not be required.