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Thinking about developing your career further? Here are some resources and suggestions, which you may find useful.

The University is committed to providing a framework that supports and encourages the development of staff, in line with the delivery of the UoY’s corporate plan and departmental objectives. There is a ‘Staff development policy’, which you can find here:

Developing your career at the UoY may mean different things; developing your skills within your current role, in a different role within your existing department or in a different role elsewhere within the UoY.

Check out HR’s Career Development web pages for administrative, management and professional staff. There are sections on:

  • Comparing the typical responsibilities and duties at each grade
  • Understanding how you can make the next step if you want to move up grades
  • Making a plan to take control of your career
  • Listening to other staff discuss their own career development

Completing a Professional and Career Development Plan (PCDP) may help you identify your own goals and enable you to have a meaningful discussion with your Line Manager.

You can discuss your career plans (and your PCDP) during your Performance Review:

Consider using your current role to develop specific skills and experiences that you have identified as part of your career plan:

Career development may involve a different work / life balance.
Flexible working arrangements which result in a change to your contract, the use of flexi time or career breaks (perhaps to enable time away to study or undertake volunteer work) can all help to achieve this.

Where operationally and financially viable, the Department will support staff who wish to alter their work life balance.

Check out the Careers Resources section of the HR web pages:

The Learning & Development department offer a range of courses and events:

This includes an Internal Candidate programme to give you and understanding of the recruitment process at York, and how you can best prepare your application for a different role.

Check out the on-going initiative Professional@York which includes conferences, awards, development and assessment centres, development of secondment opportunities, mentoring, coaching and more:

All University of York vacancies are advertised here:

The University runs a Rewarding Excellence scheme each year (currently under review for 2016) This is a competitive scheme, but successful nominations, can result in an additional increment to your salary (and look great on your CV)

The Department of Economics also runs a Making The Difference scheme that is intended to provide recognition to any member of staff whose contribution on a one-off or short-term basis has been exceptional or outstanding:
Details of this are circulated each year with a nomination deadline at the end of October.
MTD awards are £250 each (and also look great on your CV)

June 2016
Sarah Maynard
Department Manager