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NameDepartmentAreas of expertise
Nic Carslaw Environment and Geography
  • Impact of low emission/sustainable building materials on indoor air quality
James Chong Biology
  • Anaerobic digestion, microbial communities, 'omics methods, bioinformatics
Kanchon Dasmahapatra Biology
  • Using genetic to answer interesting questions in evolutionary biology and conservation
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Conservation genetics
  • Genome analysis
  • Population genetics
Bipasa Datta Economics
  • Industrial Organisation (also known as Industrial Economics), in particular R&D and Innovations and Oligopoly markets (including digital and platform economics)
  • Climate change economics and other environmental issues (eg, renewables and energy efficiency aspects, carbon pricing, International environmental agreements)
  • Sustainable development especially in the context of LDCs and LMICs
Seth J Davis
  • Living materials, novel metals-capturing structures and enzymes involved in hydrolysis of farm-waste feedstocks.
Katherine Denby Biology
  • Agri-food, plant-based protein, crop improvement
Daphne Ezer Biology
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning, lab automation, and time series analysis, applied to agritech.
Mark Hodson Environment and Geography
  • Soil scientist with chemical and ecological leanings.
  • I have worked on the remediation of metal contaminated sites, the fate and behaviour and toxicity of contaminants (largely metals but a little work on organic compounds), the rates of dissolution / weathering of materials in the surface environment and the impacts on soil health on different land management regimes. I would be interested in assessing impacts of diverting wastes from or to agricultural land and the potential reuse of "wastes" as soil amendments either to enhance currently productive agricultural land or to restore currently damaged soil. I do a little work on carbon sequestration as well so looking at how "wastes" might be used to enhance carbon sequestration in soil is also of interest.
Vlado Lazarov Physics
  • Materials for energy, synthesis/growth and characterisation
Marco Lucamarini Physics
  • Chair of Experimental Quantum Communications.
  • We work around generating and detecting very dim optical signals, down to the single photon level, in the infrared. This could lead to saving (optical) power. We also work to reduce the number of the intermediate points in optical communications that need to be supplied with power. We are very close to the industries of photonics, opto-electronic devices and new materials for the generation of extremely low intensity light.
Keith McKenna
  • First principles predictive modelling of materials with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Research interests include catalysis, electronics, magnetic materials and photovoltaics.
Michael Plevin Biology
  • Protein engineering with applications to industrial biotechnology
Brett Sallach Environment and Geography
  • Environmental engineer and analytical chemist interested in the fate and ecotoxicity of chemical pollution in the environment.
  • I am particularly interested in understanding the risk of chemical exposure associated with the reuse of wastewater treated products (wastewater recyclying and biosolids).
  • My group uses mass spectrometry to measure the fate and impacts of chemicals in various environmental compartments including agroecosystems, aquatic, and urban environments.
Thierry Tonon Biology
  • Algal biology-physiology-metabolism
  • Valorisation of algal biomass
  • Use of algal genes for bioengineering purposes
Andrew Weller Chemistry
  • Catalysis, synthesis and mechanism in particular for this DTP new-main group containing polymers and the potential for built in recycling strategies at the point of synthesis
Jun Yuan Physics
  • Advanced characterisation of structural, physiochemical properties of advanced materials using electron microscopy and optical microscopy based techniques
  • Preparation, characterisation and manipulation of nano materials