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York Chemist wins Taekwondo Gold

Posted on 19 October 2011

Danielle Williams, an MChem Year 4 student scooped Gold Medal at the recent UK National Taekwondo Championships

Danielle Williams

I’m delighted with my haul of medals and would like to thank the Chemistry Department for their continued support allowing me to balance my chemistry workload alongside the rigours of training.  In particular, I would like to thank my personal supervisor, Professor Robin Perutz, FRS, for his guidance.

Danielle Williams

She fought of stiff competition in the female senior section, successfully winning three bouts, to become UK National Champion.  Not content with one medal, Danielle also won Bronze in the female third dan black-belt patterns section.

Danielle has been training in taekwondo since the age of 10 and now is black belt third-dan.  She regularly represents England in the World Taekwondo Championships.