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Annual Christmas Lecture

Posted on 6 December 2012

Professor Sir John Holman presented his traditional Christmas demonstration lecture

John Holman Christmas lecture 2012

Professor Sir John Holman from the Department of Chemistry gave his, now traditional, Christmas demonstration lecture on 3 December.  The lecture was hosted (and assisted) by our student chemistry society, ChemSoc, and the lecture theatre was packed with a festive audience of well over 200 of our chemistry students and friends.  Harp music introduced the lecture which was full of exciting and dramatic bangs, flashes and thermodynamics.  Highlights of the lecture included an illustration of Charles' law by helium filled balloons, home-made vanilla and brandy ice-cream, a fluorescent mentos fountain, silenced screaming jelly babies and setting fire to methane filled bubbles (as shown in the photograph).

The lecture was delivered in such an amusing yet formative fashion

Alister, year 2

One of our second year chemist's noted, "Prof Sir Holman just amazed me with all the demos that he had to show us, it was all so relevant too for example how christmas crackers work and why flaming christmas puddings never taste burnt. The lecture was delivered in such an amusing yet formative fashion - overall a thoroughly well spent hour of a Tuesday evening!"