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250th Anniversary of Chemist Celebrated

Posted on 3 October 2011

The 250th Anniversary of the birth of the chemist Smithson Tennant will be celebrated with two events at the University of York

Smithson Tennant was born in Selby, North Yorkshire in November 1761, from modest beginnings he went on to:

  • Discover iridium and osmium
  • Hold the 1702 Chair of Chemistry at Cambridge
  • Be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
  • Win the Royal Society‚Äôs Copley Medal
  • Become a confidante of many of Europe's well-known scientists.

To celebrate this anniversary two events are being held at the University of York:

  • Tennant's Science Then and Now
    23 November, 4.30pm - 7.30pm, National Science Learning Centre, University of York
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  • Scientific Symposium
    30 November, 1.30pm, Department of Chemistry, University of York
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