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Opening of the second phase of the Dorothy Hodgkin Building

Posted on 10 October 2012

A £9.4 million Chemistry research building will be officially opened on 31 October 2012

Picture of Dorothy Hodgkin 2

The  second phase of our Dorothy Hodgkin building represents a £9.4 million capital investment that provides high quality, purpose-built, synergistic laboratory space (with over 70 fumehoods) for around 100 of our researchers. It houses research groups associated with medicinal chemistry, materials/liquid crystals, organometallic chemistry and solar energy conversion.

The second phase will be officially opened by Professor Michael Graetzel on 31 October 2012. To celebrate the opening, in the afternoon, there will be a varied programme (DH2 opening programme (PDF , 474kb)) of research lectures, held in the Department of Chemistry, by the following speakers:

Professor Dave Haddleton, University of Warwick: “Polymer bioconjugates from living polymerisation - improvedtherapeutics”
Dr Jason Lynam, University of York: “A mechanism-driven approach to the development of atom-efficient catalytic transformations:  An experimental  perspective”
Professor Emma Raven, University of Leicester:  “The many faces of heme in biology”
Dr John Slattery, University of York: “A mechanism-driven approach to the development of atom-efficientcatalytic transformations: A computational perspective”

In the evening there will be a public lecture in the National Science Learning Centre, given by Professor Michael Graetzel (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), entitled "Power from the sun, solar cells that mimic photosynthesis". This will be followed by the unveiling of a plaque and a drinks reception.

Tickets are required for the event, please contact Dr Helen Coombs ( for further details.