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York Chemistry tops Russell Group in 2015 NSS

Posted on 9 February 2016

The recently published 2015 NSS results show that 98% of our students are satisfied with the quality of their Chemistry degree here in York.

students at fume cupboard

I was delighted to see that we continue to progress …….. our 2015 NSS results are excellent - but we will not rest on our laurels!

Professor Richard Taylor, Head of Department

With 98% overall student satisfaction in the 2015 NSS, the Department of Chemistry at York has achieved the best score amongst all Russell Group universities

The quality of the teaching here in York being rated amongst the very best in the country reflects the enthusiastic and engaged academic staff who ensure they bring the latest results from their cutting-edge research to life.

This outstanding result is no 'flash in the pan'.  For many years, Chemistry at York has worked extremely hard to ensure it delivers the highest quality educational experience possible. 

Indeed, over the last seven years, overall student satisfaction has averaged over 96% - a remarkable result. 

Combined with over £30 million spent in the same period on new buildings and facilities, including a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory, the NSS results cement York's position as one of the premier places to study Chemistry in the UK.

Professor Richard Taylor, Head of Department commented on the NSS result:

"I was delighted to see that we continue to progress - not only did the overall satisfaction increase from 95% to 98%, the scores for assessment/feedback, learning resources and organisation/management all improved from the 2014 scores. And it is very rewarding to see that that 95% of our students found the lecturers enthusiastic, and 98% commented on how well our lecturers explained themselves.  Of course, the most important thing is to keep improving. Our brand new, professional-standard teaching labs are now fully operational, our main lecture theatre has been refurbished in 2015, and we are looking forward to welcoming our new Chemistry, Biochemistry and Natural Sciences students in the Autumn. The 2015 NSS results are excellent - but we will not rest on our laurels!"