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Johnson Matthey Poster Competition

Posted on 11 April 2018

The Johnson Matthey Poster Competition took place on April 10 2018 with over thirty third year PhD students presenting their research.

The competition requires participants to display a poster about their research, which is scored by a panel of judges consisting of members of academic staff and postdoctoral researchers. The judges consider poster presentation, scientific content and student discussion in coming to their decisions.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Robin Brabham discusses his research with one of the judges, Dr Barbara Procacci

Five winners were awarded £350 each to be spent on research-related activities and items. The winning posters reflect the diverse research carried out in the department:

Robin Brabham (Dr Martin Fascione and Prof Rod Hubbard) – Palladium-Unleashed Proteins: Gentle Aldehyde Decaging for Site-Selective Protein Modification.

Phillip Chivers (Prof David K. Smith) – Spatially-Resolved Soft Materials with Biomedical Applications.

Paul Jones (Prof Peter O’Brien and Prof Rod Hubbard) – Design and Synthesis of 3-Dimensional Fragments to Explore New Areas of Pharmaceutical Space.

Conor Rankine (Dr Derek Wann) – The Femtosecond Molecular Movie.

Emma Stanbury (Prof Simon Duckett) – Quantifying Substrate-Iridium Binding Potential via pKa.

Prizes were awarded at a departmental seminar by Dr Martin Partridge from Johnson Matthey, who sponsor the event. Dr Partridge then gave a talk on ‘Turning waste into Fuel – New Opportunities for Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis’.

Johnson Matthey have sponsored this event for the past three years. We are delighted that they have agreed that they will continue to sponsor this event, providing the prize money for a further three years up to 2021.