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Journal honour for Professor John Goodby

Posted on 6 December 2017

Emeritus Professor John Goodby has been honoured with a special edition of the journal, Liquid Crystals.

Dr Stephen Cowling with a copy of the Festschrift in honour of Emeritus Professor John Goodby

The celebratory issue of the journal was published in honour of the professor's 65th birthday. It contains a collection of outstanding publications from leading scientists in liquid crystals from across the globe, including a number of contributions from colleagues in the Department of Chemistry at York, and a special article from Professor Goodby. 

Dr Stephen Cowling, research fellow in the Department of Chemistry, organised the festschrift and took on the role as guest editor for the issue. He said: "It was a great honour to be able to compile this special collection to help celebrate the 65th birthday of Professor Goodby – a colleague I have known and respected for over 25 years."

The project came after a successful meeting held in York in 2016, entitled, "A life in liquid crystals," which Dr Cowling described in his preface to the issue as "a way of feeding back to John the respect and fondness that he holds within the community."

Professor Goodby has been at the University of York since 2005 when he was appointed Chair of Materials Chemistry. Despite taking retirement in 2016, he continues to be an active researcher and member of the liquid crystal community. He was appointed to an Emeritus Professorship in 2016.

Professor Goodby's awards include the GW Gray Medal of the British Liquid Crystal Society (1996), the Tilden Lectureship (2002), the Derek Birchall Medal (2013) of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the AkzoNobel UK Science Prize (2014). He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2011, and was subsequently awarded with The Royal Medal of the Royal Society for his major advances and discoveries of new forms of matter and materials in 2016.