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Innovative Doctoral Training in Chemistry launched

Posted on 6 November 2014

The Chemistry Department at York offers cohort-based training to all new research students with a particular focus on internationalisation

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The Chemistry Department has launched its Innovative Doctoral Training in Chemistry (iDTC) programme which offers a cohort-based experience to all new postgraduate research students, strengthens collaborative links between research groups, and offers enhanced opportunities to develop key communication and employability skills.

Core chemistry research and transferable skills are gained through the delivery of bespoke training sessions and departmental events.

Students, in consultation with their supervisor(s), then select personalised theme-specific courses in the area of their research.  Students may select courses from other themes where appropriate.

Another unique aspect of the proposed iDTC is the tailored support offered to international students, which is primarily aimed at those from outside the EU.  However, European students and their supervisors may also feel that particular aspects of the training offered in this package are beneficial to them. 

The international training package provides non-native English speakers with opportunities to further their English language skills, practice communicating their research, and enhance their fundamental chemistry knowledge. This will be achieved through tailored courses delivered by CELT on pronunciation, presentations and scientific writing; sessions on report writing; and by providing access to appropriate additional taught courses via lecture capture.

At the launch event, attended by around 80 people, the Chair of the Chemistry Graduate School, Dr Paul Clarke, provided an overview of the iDTC programme for new and existing research students and their supervisors.  There then followed a social event which provided an informal opportunity for everyone to ask questions of the Graduate School staff and for new and current students to get to know each other.