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Four Hot Papers in three different RSC journals

Posted on 21 February 2018

Four papers published in 2017 from the Shimizu group have been chosen as Hot Papers in three different Royal Society of Chemistry journals (Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Green Chemistry and Food & Function).

The review on food-flavour interactions published in Food & Function was also featured as the front cover for the second time in a row, and the tutorial review on greener solution chemistry in Green Chemistry is the Shimizu Group’s first-ever publication in the journal.

The journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics chose two papers, a perspective paper on the theory of hydrotropes pioneered by the Shimizu Group, as well as simulation work led by a team in Stuttgart which confirmed the theoretical calculations of Joshua Reid (PhD, 2018), originally made back in 2015 (PCCP 17, 14710, 2015).

The published work was performed in collaboration with Professor Nobuyuki Matubayasi of Osaka University, Professor Steven Abbott of TCNF Ltd, Ipswich, and Professors Fyta and Smiatek of Stuttgart University. Dr Shimizu is a member of York Structural Biology Laboratory (YSBL).