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York chemist in Science Council top 100 list

Posted on 27 January 2014

Professor Sir John Holman has been named in a list of 100 practising scientists

John Holman

Challenging the UK's narrow and old-fashioned view, the Science Council's list is being used to highlight a collective blind spot in the approach of government, media and the public to science - which either tends to refer to dead scientists or to regard only academics and researchers as scientists.

Chief executive of the Science Council, Diana Garnham, said: "It is vital that this narrow vision is challenged urgently because it is inhibiting education policy, the career ambitions of young people and investment in developing the skills we need to deliver a world class economy."

The Royal Society of Chemistry's chief executive, Dr Robert Parker, said: "This list does a fantastic job of showing that not all chemists wear white coats and that a career in chemistry doesn't mean you have to work in the laboratory.

To identify its list, the Science Council organised a competition to identify leading individuals in different categories of '10 types of scientist.' Each type draws on a different mix of skills, knowledge and expertise. Amongst the categories are Explorer, Investigator, Entrepreneur and Communicator. Professor Holman is one of two chemist's named in the Teacher category.