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Five Chemists in University's Faces for Fifty

Posted on 23 June 2014

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations the University asked for nominations of people who had made significant contributions to the York ethos (“the people who helped to make York great”). Five chemists featured in the august list: Eleanor Dodson, Bruce Gilbert, Roger Mawby, Seishi Shimizu and David Waddington.

Professor Eleanor Dodson

Eleanor Dodson

“Eleanor Dodson epitomises the importance of interdisciplinary science and of quiet determined leadership. Her contribution to the University has been truly transformational and exemplifies how the outsider to the subject can see further than the insider.”


Professor Bruce Gilbert

Bruce Gilbert

“The architect of the modern Department of Chemistry, the initiator of the equal opportunity approaches which led to the Athena SWAN Gold Award, and the initial drive behind the new building programme.”


Dr Roger Mawby

Roger Mawby

“One of the unsung heroes of the University. The good of the Department and University always came before any thought of personal advancement. The University would not be where it is today without him.”


Dr Seishi Shimizu

Seishi Shimizu 

“For transcending the student-teacher boundaries in a wonderfully friendly and caring way, paying genuine interest to young people and their interests, and generally providing a huge inspiration to everyone he meets.”


Professor David Waddington

David Waddington

“He was instrumental in bringing industry, science and science education together. This led to the formation of University of York Science Education Group which has placed the University as a world leader in context-based science education in schools.”

The images and text of the fifty chosen ones are distributed around the campus.

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The images and text of the fifty chosen ones are distributed around the campus: