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York hosts Dial-a-Molecule 3D Meeting

Posted on 24 November 2017

The Department of Chemistry recently hosted a major national ‘Dial-a-Molecule’ conference on Synthetic Tools for Exploration of 3D Pharmaceutical Space.

Speakers and organisers of the Dial-a-Molecule 3D Meeting

The meeting was organised to learn about and discuss recent developments in the synthesis, analysis and biological evaluation of 3D molecules and their pharmaceutical importance, with the goal of inspiring new research in this area and fostering industry-academic collaborations. It was attended by over 90 delegates, including academics and students from all around the UK and Ireland, as well as several representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

Insightful talks were delivered by Professor Joe Sweeney (University of Huddersfield), Professor Rob Stockman (University of Nottingham), Dr Liam Cox (University of Birmingham), Professor Peter O’Brien (University of York), Professor Nigel Simpkins (University of Birmingham), Dr Susannah Coote (Lancaster University), Dr James Bull (Imperial College London), Dr Jeff St Denis (Astex), Dr Rob Young (GSK) and Dr Elaine O’Reilly (University of Nottingham).

The meeting concluded with a fascinating keynote lecture given by Professor Erick Carreira (ETH Zurich) on his work on 'Recent Developments in Strategies and Tactics Towards Complex Secondary Metabolites as enabling tools for the Study of Natural Products Biology'.

Other highlights included a demonstration of LLAMA (a free, open-access web interface able to predict the 3D shape and physical properties of molecules) by Dr James Firth, and a lively poster session, in which 23 PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and academics presented their work, with poster prizes awarded to Alexander Boddy (Imperial), Chris Jones (Queen Mary) Joan Mayol Llinas (Leeds) and Sam Griggs (York).

Dial-a-Molecule is a Grand Challenge Network, funded by the EPSRC, with the broad remit of promoting research aimed at a step change in our ability to deliver molecules quick and efficiently. The meeting was further sponsored Advion, Astex, Fluorochem, GSK and Radleys.