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Professor James Clark awarded £723K EPSRC grant

Posted on 3 June 2013

Professor James Clark has been awarded an EPSRC Grant entitled "Renewable Chemicals from Sustainable Feedstocks via high-thoroughput methods". The project, valued at £723K, is in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and The Stockholm Environment Institute at York.

James Clark

The aim of this proposal is to develop the next generation of structured polymeric materials that will enable the efficient production of platform chemicals and bio-surfactants from waste biomass. This project is built upon the expertise in green chemistry, biomass activation, catalysis and materials science from the partners in York and Liverpool and their strong engagement with industry. State of the art facilities in high-throughput materials discovery and characterisation will be utilized, and advanced techniques in biomass activation, and microwave pyrolysis and hydrolysis reactors up to scales of 100 litres will be used.