Sustainability Metrics: Tracking, Measuring and Reporting Responsible Innovation

Monday 10 September 2018, 9.30AM to 16.45

Speaker(s): Various industrial and academic speakers

Aim of the Workshop

Measure and monitor your supply chain’s performance with appropriate and easy-to-use sustainability metrics. Existing industrial sustainability metrics primarily focus on the chemical process, although awareness of the need to consider the ‘bigger picture’ and incorporate both upstream and downstream of the process steps into such assessment is growing. This workshop is dedicated to sharing best practice in sustainability assessment amongst different stages of a chemical value-chain from feedstock procurers / producers to final product manufacturers through to end-of life management within a framework of responsible innovation.


There is a new growing need amongst the value chains to practice responsible innovation that is traceable, transparent and trustworthy. There are a number of decision-making stakeholders post-trade / distribution that influence the success / progress of a value chain: consumers, internal / external policy-makers, investors, retailers, media etc. There is mounting pressure to balance these factors by optimising the operational value-chain and organisational behaviour via sustainability tracking, reporting and effective communication. However, undertaking these responsibilities to the highest accuracy, extensiveness of scope of reporting, transparency among cross-border stakeholders, and ultimately, the commitment of time and appropriate investment into these activities are currently major challenges. With a view to creating a dialogue and awareness of the various methods of tracing and quantifying how sustainable your supply chain, stakeholders and their practices may be, the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence is organising a “Tracking, measuring and reporting Responsible Innovation” event.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Dr Li Shen, Utrecht University
  • Jane Murray, Merck
  • Julia Creasey, Croda
  • Dr Guillermo Garcia Garcia, Loughborough University


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This event has been organised as part of the STAR-ProBio and Re-SAUCE projects.

The STAR-ProBio project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation action under grant agreement No 727740 with the Research Executive Agency (REA) - European Commission. Duration: 36 months (May 2017 – April 2020). Work Programme BB-01-2016: Sustainability schemes for the bio-based economy.

The Re-SAUCE (Sustainable, Alternative Uses for food waste in the Circular Economy) project has received funding from the EPSRC under grant reference EP/P008771/1. Duration: 24 months (January 2017 – December 2018).

Location: Industrial Engagement Facility, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry, University of York

Admission: Free


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