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Photoprotection and photoactivation of biomolecules

Friday 20 May 2016, 2.00PM to 3:00 pm

Speaker(s): Dr. Vas Stavros, University of Warwick

Photoprotection from harmful UV radiation occurs in many shapes and forms. For example eumelanins in skin provide a natural defence to UV radiation exposure in humans; sunscreens on the other hand provide artificial photoprotection. Combined, detrimental effects such as damage to DNA are largely prevented.

However, even when photodamage does occur, photoactivated prodrugs can inhibit further photodamage. The flow of energy involved in photoprotection and photoactivation processes occurs on very short timescales.

This talk will introduce some of the techniques that have been developed and used in our group to probe this energy flow in real time. Example systems recently studied will be presented, ranging from photodissociation of eumelanin building blocks in the gas- and solution-phase, electronic and vibrational dynamics in sunscreens and solvolysis of ruthenium prodrugs.

Location: Green Chemistry Seminar Room