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Organic Plenary Session

Tuesday 21 June 2016, 9.30AM to 11.00am

Speaker(s): Mickey James (RJKT/PAOB Groups), Nadiah Mad Nasir (PAC Group) and Nadiah Mad Nasir (DKS Group)

The following Chemistry PhD students will each give a 25 minute talk about their research:

Mickey James  (RJKT/PAOB Groups)  “Synthesis of Spirocyclic Heterocycles”

Nadiah Mad Nasir (PAC Group)  “Development of new methods for the synthesis of dihydropyrans and tetrahydropyrans”

Vania Vieira (DKS Group) “Orthogonal Self-Assembly of Bioactive Hydrogels”
Followed by tea/coffee and biscuits.
All welcome to come along and find out more about their research. 

Location: C/A122