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Organic Synthesis Group Plenary Session

Wednesday 9 July 2014, 2.00PM

Speaker(s): Various

  • Pauline Drouhin  (Professor Richard Taylor Group)
    “Copper-Catalysed Construction of Oxindole-Containing Molecules via a direct C-H, Ar-H Coupling”
  • Qiong Xu   (Professor Ian Fairlamb Group)
    "New Pd2(dba-Z)3 catalysts for Sonogashira cross-couplings of brominated purines: Applications as fluorescent nucleoside probes and guanosine-quartets.”
  • Nasiru Yahaya (Professor Ian Fairlamb Group)
    “Studies on the Regioselectivity in the Pauson-Khand Reaction (PKR), and Oxidative 6-π Electrocyclizations of the PKR Cycloadducts”


All welcome to attend.

Location: C/A122