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Chemistry at Work

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 10.00AM to Fri 25 Sept, 3pm

Chemistry at Work is one of Yorkshire’s best established events for young people, part of a wider objective to support the advancement of the chemical sciences.  Hosted annually in York and supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the event attracts around 400 young people from Key Stages 3 and 4.

Through a series of hands-on interactive workshops and demonstrations, young people are introduced to chemistry in an industrial context - linked to their learning and curriculum - and shown the wide range of career opportunities and pathways available.

The workshops run over three days, from Wednesday 23 September to Friday 25 September. School groups can book a place on any of the three days by contacting NYBEP.

For more information contact: Corey Derbyshire, NYBEP Ltd, IT Centre, Innovation Way, Heslington, YORK, YO10 5NP.

Location: Department of Chemistry, University of York