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External Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group (EAG) has been set up to offer guidance on on-going programmes and future direction of the Department. We are fortunate to have in the group representatives from a range of chemistry-related industries, schools and partner universities that bring unique knowledge and skills, which complement the research and teaching skills within the Department.

We meet twice a year and welcome inputs from department staff, graduates and postgraduates that will enable us to contribute to the effectiveness of the Department in a challenging national and international environment.

Terms of reference

 To contribute views, offer advice and provide appropriate and constructive challenges to the assumptions and operating routines of the Department from the perspective of industry, schools and external academics on:

  1. Broader strategic development and overall performance of the Department
  2. Implication for curriculum of changes in school science curricula
  3. Graduate skill and knowledge requirements from employment perspective
  4. Employment prospects and forecasts
  5. Placement and internship opportunities
  6. Collaborative research and funding opportunities
  7. Knowledge transfer and exploitation of research, (entrepreneurship IP, etc.)
  8. Research strategy
  9. Continued professional development needs, graduates & postgraduates

As appropriate engage directly with students, postgraduates and postdoctoral communities within the Department.


  • Professor Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Chair)
    Chair of Board of Medilink Y & H Ltd
  • Professor Duncan Bruce
    Head of Department, Department of Chemistry, York
  • Dr Martin Cockett 
    Deputy Head of Department, Department of Chemistry, York
  • Professor John Blacker
    Professor of Process Chemistry, University of Leeds
  • Professor James Clark
    Director of Green Chemistry Centre, Department of Chemistry, York
  • Professor Melissa Hanna-Brown
  • Technology and Innovation Lead, Pfizer
  • Mark Langley
    Professional Development Leader, National Science Learning Centre
  • Dr Keith Layden
    Chief Technology Officer, Croda International
  • Joy Parvin
    Director, CIEC, Department of Chemistry, York
  • Dr Elizabeth Rowsell
    Director, Technical Centre, Johnson Matthey
  • Professor Jeremy Sanders
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Calum Walker
    Research Director, Health R&D, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Professor Andy Wells
    Charnwood Technical Consulting, formerly Principal Scientist, Astra Zeneca
  • to be confirmed (Secretary)
    Department of Chemistry, York

Gareth Llod-Jones

Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Chair)